Apps for STEM

LookTel Money Reader

This app instantly recognizes a currency bill and speaks out the denomination, helping blind people or the visually impaired, identify and count currency notes quickly without any struggle. All you have to do is point the camera of your Smartphone at the bill, and the app tells the value of the currency note in real-time.

Animal Watch VI Suite
This graphic curriculum teaches students with visual impairments how to read graphs through motivating animal facts; it includes both an iPad app with digital content and Q&As, and traditional paper graphics. Please consider field testing this fun app with your 5th - 7th grade students!
The Draw2Measure Protractor app allows students to measure angles Enhanced accessibility; designed for sighted students as well as students with low vision or blindness
• Allows students to measure angles by tracing the sides rather than reading measurements as with a traditional protractor
• Reports angle measurements in both degrees and radians
• Includes detailed instructions and a link to a demonstration video

Slapstack Math

-Supports math learning objectives.
-All game features are fully self-voicing.
-Fully compatible with VoiceOver.
-High-contrast colors and large print numbers.
-Change the speed of play for different situations.

Slapstack Math provides an enjoyable and motivating practice tool for basic math operations, a recreational app for fun, or a reward after classwork.

Math Robot
Teachers, parents, and students can set the range of numbers, the mathematical operations, the number of tries, and more.
Compelling interface, animations, and sounds
► Free and drill modes
► Low vision mode
► Retina graphics
► Hardware keyboard support
► VoiceOver support
► Braille support


This app allows users to purchase and download a vast collection of eBooks in a number of genres. You can buy books from the Amazon store and download it to your Smartphone.
Accessibility features on the Kindle App include large prints, human narrators, computer-generated text to speech conversion and much more.

Eclipse Soundscapes
The Eclipse Soundscapes Project app is specially designed so that people who are blind and visually impaired can share in the awe and wonder of astronomical events in real time with their sighted peers.There is also an Android version available for free download.
Microsoft Office OneNote
OneNote is a free Microsoft Office software that allows users to create multimedia notebooks filled with text, images, videos, files, and more. It's much better than taking notes in Microsoft Word because it's easy to flip through pages and draw on notes using a stylus. OneNote has lots of accessibility features, including large print and high contrast displays, as well as the support of alt text and screen readers. The app can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, though a (free) Microsoft account is required.
Record your voice and iPad® screen to create dynamic video tutorials that students and colleagues can access any time, as needed. Import documents and pictures from your Photo Library, Dropbox and Google Drive. Display a custom map. Insert any webpage. 

Be My Eyes

This app lets volunteers without visual disabilities help blind and visually impaired people in real time with the help of a live video connection.


Dragon Dictation

The app lets you dictate messages to your mobile and see it on the screen instantly. This app even enables you to add punctuation marks by specifying it out loud. The messages can then be shared with others via text, email, and also on social media.



This is an app for note-taking. It also helps you share your notes on multiple devices.



This app is designed to help visually impaired, and the blind recognize and identify everyday objects. To identify a particular object, double tap the screen to take a picture of it and the app will speak the name of the object out loud.

Talking Scientific Calculator $4.99 NA
TI 84 Graphing Calculator  $4.99 NA